The Clean Pittsburgh Commission (CPC) was established in August 2005 through legislation introduced to City Council by then Councilman Doug Shields and co-sponsored by then Council members Dan Deasy, Bill Peduto and Luke Ravenstahl. The CPC’s mission is: to work to improve the environmental quality of life of Pittsburgh residents through litter and illegal dumping prevention, clean-up and enforcement.

The CPC is comprised of 15 representatives from various City departments, local non-profits, individuals and community groups. The activities of the CPC are focused in three primary areas: 1) monitoring/awareness/prevention, 2) clean-up, and 3) enforcement. The primary function of the CPC is to provide oversight, direction, leadership, resources and assistance to community groups and individuals while serving as the liaison between these groups and the appropriate City departments.

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2015 Current Members

Sarah Alessio Shea Pennsylvania Resources Council CPC Chair
Joe Divack                At Large Member, Community Advocate CPC Vice Chair
Patty Chavez             Pittsburgh Public Works CPC Secretary
Aftyn Giles City of Pittsburgh Sustainability Coordinator
Justin Stockdale Pennsylvania Resources Council
Kyle Winkler Pittsburgh Bureau of Environmental Services
Luci-Jo DiMaggio At Large Member, Community Advocate
Mark Mariani  City of Pittsburgh Department of Permits, Licenses and Inspection
Myrna Newman Allegheny CleanWays
Melissa Rosenfeld    Pittsburgh Public Works; Anti-Litter Coordinator
Erika Deyarmin-Young At Large Member, Waste Management
Alicia Carberry

At Large Member, At Large Member, Community Advocate

Dianne Swan

At Large Member, Rosedale Block Cluster


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